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Ksenia 08-19-2015 02:31 AM

Meet X-Payments 2.2 and updated connectors
Hi X-Cart and X-Payments users!

We're happy to introduce X-Payments v.2.2 and the updated X-Payments connector modules.

Per multiple requests @ IRCE, we added the feature of showing more CC info: BIN #, last 4 digits and expiration date are now saved and passed to an integrated shopping cart. It makes the search for a merchant way easier, and everything is still within the scope of PCI DSS compliance.

Starting from X-Payments v.2.2, when the refund is not possible before the settlement time, Void payment authorization becomes a solution for a merchant. This feature support is available in a number of payment gateway integrations. including but not limited to SkipJack and Authorize.Net, SecurePay US and SecurePay Australia, Simplify Commerce by Mastercard and more.

There was a major update of Integration with Kount, Improved 3D Secure support and other antifraud improvements.

We added two new payment gateway integrations: HeidelPay and Simplify Commerce by Mastercard - both with the support of tokenization, 3D Secure, refunds (including partial refunds), as well as partial capturing. BTW tokenization support is added into several more payment gateway integrations.

Another step forward is the support of Multi-refund in Authorize.Net CIM and AIM.

There were more fixes and improvements, see details in our blog: http://blog.x-cart.com/x-payments-v2-2.html

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