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ASBR 06-08-2022 04:55 PM

How can I have a Xcart dev environmet?
Hi There

I have a site based on Xcart. But it needs upgrade. Thus, I need to develop without causing any issue to the live site.

How can I have a dev environment where I can work independent of the live site? Can I download current version 5 and setup in my local machine? Is there any sub-domain system that I can use?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


cflsystems 06-16-2022 05:05 AM

Re: How can I have a Xcart dev environmet?
Best is to use your local machine and develop there. Best is if you can replicate or get pretty close to the live environment.
There is nothing special to it you just download the whole site including database and modify config.php to match your dev values.

You can also replicate the site in a subdirectory of the live one or if you have VPS / dedicated server create new site in there

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