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rmoore 07-03-2007 04:04 AM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released

Originally Posted by jlangevin
rmoore, i think you have rewrites and redirects confused


I think I know the difference. :?


Originally Posted by Google Base Help Center
The URL of the web page associated with the item. This should not forward to another URL; it must point directly to the target page. The domain name may not be an IP address.

To me that says NO REDIRECTS [-X

Now the question, does Google Base drop you if it encounters a redirected page?

So do you turn off the redirects in the configuration of XC SEO?? Well now you will get hit with the Duplicate Content Penalty, that's how to lose Google ranking fast..

Now I'm also talking about a site already ranked. For new sites just starting out, well that is a different story.

No sorry I do not have any suggestions other than having X-Cart generate html pages itself so there would be no need to use rewrites or redirecting old content to the new rewrote urls.

jlangevin 07-03-2007 04:27 AM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released
I'm sorry, but again you're thinking about rewrites the wrong way. the way mod_rewrite is working here, is aliasing a url over a real location. it's not redirecting, at all

a redirect, to a search engine, is when the search engine visits product.php?whatever and gets sent to product.html

a rewrite is when the SE sees product.html, but what happens *behind the scenes* is product.php?whatever is being displayed

the search engine has NO CLUE that this is happening. this is not a redirect. this is not malicious, and you will *not* get penalized for using mod_rewrite in this fashion (unless you resorted to some black hat SEO usage of mod_rewrite, which is not happening in this case)


jlangevin 07-03-2007 04:40 AM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released
BTW, refer to this post, from Feb 2007:


It is quoting a google employee saying that 301 redirects (I accidentally said 304 earlier by mistake, XC SEO uses 301) take effect within a couple of weeks, and pass PR to the new url

More fleshed out reading here:


read this before you continue this debate please :-) Also please note these are articles from this year, which is highly important


rmoore 07-03-2007 08:41 AM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released

Originally Posted by jlangevin
read this before you continue this debate please :-) Also please note these are articles from this year, which is highly important


I'm not debating nothing with you :lol:

XC SEO is good to go and works great on what it was designed to do!! :wink:

rmoore 07-03-2007 04:59 PM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released
When I login to Google and go to the Webmaster Tools, then in Diagnostic tab, it displays URLs not followed and that number is 335. Click on the Details it is all the products which are being redirected from the old dynamic urls to the new static html urls XC SEO created are not being followed.

To me the redirects should be fine because XC SEO uses permanent redirects (301) which is allowed by Google. I think we have 347 products, so after 12 or so (give or take a few), Google stopped following the redirects....

I'm not debating nothing now.... ;) Just saying what I see in the Google Webmaster Tools

npithia 07-07-2007 04:56 AM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released

I tried to use this mod and it was installed successfully but seems like that I could not go to the product page and it gives an error? Do we have to have specific requiremensts on server?

Or am I missing out something?

Please help me.

Many thanks,


jlangevin 07-07-2007 06:21 AM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released
You must be on a server that allows mod_rewrite.

One of the most common mistakes, is that people fail to copy in the .htaccess file contents. Make sure you've copied the .htaccess file, you should be good to go

drooker 07-13-2007 03:51 PM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released
Is this mod applicable to 4.1.8 yet?

intel352 07-13-2007 05:01 PM

Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released
I have it running on my wife's 4.1.8 installation with no problem, should work just fine for you :-)

luxor 08-02-2007 12:36 AM

Send to friend fix
I noticed on the latest version of the smart urls i used printed the dynamic url in the email body, but when clicked loaded the smart url version of the address.

This looked weird to me so I created a simple mode to change how the url is passed to the send to friend action.

This mod will store the current url via php and store it as a smarty variable. Then it creates an additional hidden form variable to store the url variable and pass it to the send2friend mail template, where you will be able to print the actual url as the text and url.


Send to Friend XC SEO Mod
tested on X-cart v4.1.



// find out the domain:
$domain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
// find out the path to the current file:
$path = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];
// find out the QueryString:
$queryString = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
$current_url = "http://" . $domain . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];





<input type="hidden" name="productlink" value="{$url}" />


<input type="hidden" name="productid" value="{$product.productid}" />



$mail_smarty->assign ("url", $productlink);


$mail_smarty->assign ("name", $name);



<a href="{$url}">{$url}</a><br />

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