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LauraHarding 07-12-2020 08:35 PM

Considering X-Cart Multivendor
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a web platform to create my new C2C multivendor website. I'm thinking about using X-Cart Multivendor, but have never used X-Cart before and I have a couple questions to see if it will be a good fit.

1) I am looking to create a product dashboard for my vendors that is customized to my industry. Flr example, when they go to add a product, instead of giving them the fields "Product Name", "SKU", "Desrciption"....I want to give them the fields "Fabric Type", "Fabric Color" and "Machine Washable - Y/N".

Is it possible to customize the vendor "Add a Product" dashboard in this manner to include attributes more specific to my needs?

2) Does X-Cart allow for the use of databases? For example...if the only products my vendors will be selling are 200 different types of canned soups....I would like to be able to make the "Add a Product" process easy for my vendors by having all 200 types of soup products listed in a database, so that when they begin to type "Campbell's Soup Tomato..." it will automatically bring up "Campbell's Tomato Basil Soup" from the database. Is this possible?

3) Is it possible to customize the appearance of the vendor dashboard -- colors, fonts, arrangement, etc.?

I am looking to create a consumer-to-consumer platform that is 1) easy to use, 2) has a fun modern appearance, 3) has a custom dashboard.

I appreciate any suggestions you can offer. If X-Cart is not the right fit for this, please feel free to let me know what other options may work.


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