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rowdybunny 07-24-2015 01:33 AM

JUst getting started ... Tabs questions
Hello to All!

I just installed X-Cart today and I have some questions about tabs. First I see how I can reorder the tabs I created, but reviews and description are also in the tabs, how can I move reviews to the bottom.

Next how can I remove the sku# from the description.


qualiteam 08-12-2015 11:33 PM

Re: JUst getting started ... Tabs questions
Hello Jennifer,

The "Reviews" tab is added by Reviews module and you can't control the position of the tab in the back-end. However, it is possible through a custom module.

What you are to do is to decorate the \XLite\View\Product\Details\Customer\Page\APage::g etTabs() method from your custom module as follows:
PHP Code:

protected function getTabs()
$new = !isset($this->tabs);

$tabs parent::getTabs();

        if (
$new) {
// Move the Reviews tab to the end of the array to make it appear as the last tab
$reviews $this->tabs['Reviews'];
$this->tabs['Reviews'] = $reviews;


As for the sku# - please could you clarify what you mean?

rowdybunny 08-14-2015 08:33 PM

Re: JUst getting started ... Tabs questions
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply. Are there more directions on how to create this custom module. As I would also like to remove the specifications tab completely. I checked my file structure andI do not have an XLite directory.

As for the sku, when you click on the details tab, it shows the product sku number. I wanted that removed as the cart I am currently working on does not use sku #'s. But I figured out how to do that through webmaster mode.


qualiteam 08-19-2015 09:51 AM

Re: JUst getting started ... Tabs questions
Hello Jennifer,

Yes, sure, here is the documentation for developers where you can read about creating custom modules for X-Cart 5:

"XLite" is the base of the PHP class name, you should start looking into the "classes" directory to find the directories and the actual PHP script that declares the class itself.

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