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Soptareanu @Alex 04-25-2018 02:00 AM

Order Returns Module
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I bought from x-cart market place Order Returns Module made by QSL. But i have a problem with an widget class :XLite\\Module\\QSL\\Returns\\View\\FormField\\Inp ut\\Checkbox\\SimpleInline . The problem is that this widget class doesn't render in my view the checkbox. I make an inspect and the element exist, but it doesn't show.
I have to mention that i use EVERPREST theme.

qualiteam 04-26-2018 09:47 PM

Re: Order Returns Module
It seems to be issue with the theme, not the module itself. I guess the theme changes some styles so that it affects how the checkbox is displayed on the page.

As far as I know the problem is reported to the theme author and he will check this soon.

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