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lamxuyen 09-10-2018 07:46 PM

Sale products in front page
Hi everyone!

I have a little problem with my sale products in the fornt page.

Previously i installed a x-cart version 5.2.15 in other server, in this version the sistem show all products on sale in the front page activating "Sale" module. Until now, there are no problems.


After this, i installed x-cart in other server. Here i have the problems, in this version after activate "sale" module i can't see the sale products in my front page, i can only see it on the side page. (see the captures)

qualiteam 09-13-2018 11:50 AM

Re: Sale products in front page
Hi there.
By default the 'Sale' block is displayed on the left bar of the home page, so you should switch the home page layout to two-column view.
Then you will be able to drag and drop the sale block to the middle column using the layout editor.
* https://kb.x-cart.com/look_and_feel/theme_tweaker/layout_editor.html

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