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ADDISON 09-19-2012 12:35 PM

3rd Party Mods - List of Vendors - September 2012
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- AlteredCart (www.alteredcart.com)
- ARS Community (www.arscommunity.com/x-cart.html)
- BabyMonkeyStudios (www.babymonkeystudios.com)
- BCSEngineering (www.bcsengineering.com/store)
- Cart on Steroids (www.cartonsteroids.com)
- ********* (www.*********.com)
- CFL Systems (www.cflsystems.com/x-cart-mods)
- FireTank Software (www.firetanksoftware.com)
- Isayplus (www.isayplus.com)
- Kosmos Central (www.kosmoscentral.com)
- MagicToolBox (www.magictoolbox.com)
- MagneticOne (www.magneticone.com)
- MercuryMinds (www.mercuryminds.com)
- Php Magic Scripts (www.phpmagicscripts.com)
- Qualiteam (www.x-cart.com/modules.html)
- RubyMods (www.rubymods.com)
- SafetyNet Web (www.safetynetweb.com)
- The XCart Store (www.thexcartstore.com)
- WebsiteCM (www.websitecm.com)
- XCartMods (www.xcartmods.co.uk)
- XCartSolutions (www.xcartsolutions.com)
- 7 Dana (www.7dana.com)

It is September 2012 folks. After 3 years and a half I came back to you with the list of 3rd party developers and their solutions. I hope my volunteer work will help everyone who wants to evaluate how much costs a solution based on XC4. You may download the ZIP archive which contents an Excel file with all modules I harvested from these 3rd party developers. Just print it on landscape and start evaluation.

I say once again we need a true Marketplace for all these developers like what Magento, Presta, OpenCart have already. Of course based on some rules we agree (I will give all ideas you need to implement this). Joining solutions all together mean success, being the best. For me personally one thing is sure, QT cannot do everything and the success of XC depends also of 3rd party developers. If we do not stay together, offering the best, we will disappoint current and potential customers, success will disappear. Just think about how fast new solutions are coming on the market. XC has a heritage we cannot abandon.

After 2 months of visiting all these websites I have a few comments to do (pros and cons) which in my opinion are very important for all involved in XC4 (QT, developers, users). It will be later in other thread. Hope you will listen the advice coming from a pro person who wants just to increase your business without asking money.

*** LAST UPDATE OF THE LIST: September 20th 2012 ***

JacksmithxD 09-19-2012 03:19 PM

Re: 3rd Party Mods - List of Vendors - September 2012
I agree we do need a marketplace for all these. :)

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