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Ed B. 01-04-2020 10:43 AM

Date pikcer with arrows for previous/next year
Would there be a way to put arrows to change years in datepicker widget
\XLite\View\FormField\Input\Text\Date ?

I went through lots and lots of files,
but I have been unable to figure out which one was responsible for outputting the actual datepicker. The best information I could get was the fact that the file
skins/admin/form_field/input/text/date.less contains lots of css rules on elements
in the css class .ui-datepicker-something, but there aren't even a css element like that on the page where the datepicker appears...

Ed B. 12-25-2020 02:15 AM

Re: Date pikcer with arrows for previous/next year
I have found a work-around, it "suffices" to add a line

changeYear: true,



to skins/admin/form_model/type/datepicker_type.js (in the case of 5.4.1.x). Now, how can I achieve this "correctly", without creating a whole skin? I can't figure out which class is calling this file. \XLite\View\FormField\Input\Text\Date only says

  public function getCommonFiles()
        $list                        = parent::getCommonFiles();
        $list[static::RESOURCE_JS][] = 'js/jquery-ui-i18n.min.js';
        $list[static::RESOURCE_JS][] = 'form_field/js/date.js';
        $list[static::RESOURCE_CSS][] = 'form_field/css/date.less';

        return $list;

no mention of datepicer_type.js

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