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groovico 12-07-2004 05:03 PM

The Ultimate X-cart Add on's which don't affect your store
Power up your x-cart's selling ability

Marketing Manager 3.0 Pro Bundle for x-cart


Marketing Manager Pro Bundle, is the largest combined suite of add ons available for x-carts admin. It offers everything from advanced reports, customer tracking, live customer tracking, HTML emailing, personalised customer emails, targetted emails, ebay tools, froogle tools and MUCH MUCH more.

It's now pretty huge, it installs WITHOUT affecting your x-cart, without needing to mod your x-cart and is compatible with all version of x-cart from 3.2.2 all the way through to the latest 4.X versions.

Marketing Manager Pro for X-cart has now reached it's 3rd generation release, thank you to everyone who has contributed wishlists, support and feedback over the past year.

MM has now been through it's silent release and an extremely long testing phase, it is now considered completely stable on all versions of x-cart including x-cart 4 branch.

If you haven't heard of the Firetanksoftware Marketing Manager x-cart add ons range then here's a run down of *some* of it's features


By far the biggest improvement in it is the new improved traffic and sales monitor which tracks both live customers and x-cart sales right down to the originating links whenever possible giving instant overviews of where sales have come from without needing tracking codes or special URL's.

- Features New improved interface

- Track your customers buying habits.

- Drill out specific Groups via buying habits to send personalised emails to, example ask marketing manager to give you all customers who bought from the laptops category and send them all news on a new laptop case deal or drill out all customers who bought video 1, and tell them about video 2.

- Find out which products are selling best, which categories perform the best during any time period.

- See the exact page (visually) that your LIVE customers on your site are viewing, and watch it change as they change.

-Track where the customers came from, track referrers, track unique visitors that actually view full page loads

- Track Sales performance.

- Track incoming clicks on campaigns

- Track incoming clicks from newsletters.

- froogle data feed now stores froogle login, password, partner, and image pref in config

- ftp upload feed straight to froogle

- HTML e-mailer with templates support

- Bar charts on reports

- new "website tracking" section

- plain text and HTML multipart templates for mailers

- batch delete emails from mailing list

- multiple mail list support for X-Cart 4.x

- Profit reporting based on your cost price and actual sales price

- profit reporting now allows custom equation based calculations so you can take into account additional fees or calculate the total with more flexibility

- new implementation for traffic monitor to improve accuracy

- traffic monitor code and tables have been optimized for speed

- purge stats for traffic monitor

- sales monitor

- unique visitors monitor

- follow visitor visually

- templates editor area

- Ebay description generator

- Affiliate window data feeds

- Improved summary reports

- Email list imports, exports, cleaning

- Customer data import, exports in various formats

and MUCH much more.

The package is now huge and still growing. If you still haven't added marketing manager to your x-cart site, you really should captialise on it at this time of year.

There's far too many features to list here:

Bolts onto your x-cart WITHOUT affecting upgrades, without needing modification, it automatically detects the branch of x-cart you are using and makes all necessary adjustments.

Compatible with all versions of x-cart from 3.2.X through to the latest 4.X branches.

Checkout the full feature list here:


And view the online demo complete with 3 years of generated order data can be viewed by clicking the "marketing manager demo" link in our side menu:


And don't forget ALL of our x-cart add ons and stand alone so if you don't need the whole bundle, you can just buy what you need! If you do buy the whole bundle you'll be saving a bundle too!

If you're wondering what it's like, ask around for opinions there's a huge amount of daily Marketing Manager users on this forum :)

Here's a few snippets from emails we've recieved if you don't have the time to ask around:


Remember you can purchase it directly or through any 3rd party developers you are already working with.

The install is clean, safe and can be done on a live site without worry.

groovico 12-09-2004 06:00 PM

If you're an x-cart 3.0 Owner and you order Marketing Manager Pro bundle during decemeber you can receive a FREE 3 month subscription to our x-cart 3.0 site security scan service by adding the security scan service to your cart and entering the code "freescan" during december!

The coupon is worth $29.95!


note: the scan does not currently support x-cart 4.X.

funnytshirts 12-15-2004 08:22 PM

i want to embed tracking code to track with shareasale or cj and also track conversion with google adwords and overture too. will this do this?

groovico 01-25-2005 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by funnytshirts
i want to embed tracking code to track with shareasale or cj and also track conversion with google adwords and overture too. will this do this?

Marketing Manager's Sales Monitor will track refering sales from anywhere, it will show you the links the sales eminated from.

It also tracks campaign clicks through the use of an extra param added to the incoming link which can be used for newsletter clicks throughs too.

funnytshirts 01-25-2005 05:00 AM

what is marketing manager? can you tell more? how much does it cost to buy and/or install as well?

CC 01-25-2005 06:11 AM

Visit their store, it tells you everything you need to know.

We use it and highly recommend it.

funnytshirts 01-25-2005 06:23 AM

thanks. i think i did look at them in the pats but i think their software only worked for version 3.5 and i'm running 4 now. i'll definitely look into it.

CC 01-25-2005 06:26 AM

works perfectly for 4.0.x I can vouch for that. :D

groovico 01-28-2005 04:20 AM

Our add on range works with all x-carts from 3.2.2 upwards and has X-cart 4.X compatible versions too.

Remember you can buy Marketing manager add ons seperately, they will all work standalone with x-cart, or you can buy them as a complete Bundle (the pro bundle).

snorocket 01-28-2005 10:04 AM

you can't polish a turd

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