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Knickershack 11-12-2008 10:46 AM

BCSE Product Importer Pro
Anyone familiar with this mod at all please?

Im trying to import from XML Feed but im not sure how i pull the data from the some of the fields.
as an example i have the category shown below & need to get the feed path to work but i dont know how to pull the "Clothes > Erotic Fashion" from it and change it to "Clothes/Erotic Fashion"

<CATEGORY id="278" name="Clothes > Erotic Fashion">

BCSE have told me i need to "reference a variable called $P['CATEGORY']['ATTRIBUTES']['name'] " which as a non programmer means nothing to me.

could someone kindly show me an example of what i need to post in the php field to get the right data please.

itech 11-18-2008 11:15 PM

Re: BCSE Product Importer Pro
Although i cannot help you with this particular problem, I use importer and had it configured by BCSE which although took a while to configure correctly is a godsend, 10 minutes to update 16,000 items on the website.
I would say get them to do it if you cannot find anyway to implement it yourself.
Good Luck


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