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joestern 05-02-2017 01:59 PM

X-Payments and Incorrect CC Number
With our old X-Cart, we were using OnePageCheckout, which did a verification (Luhn's calc) of the entered credit card number before attempting to run it.

Then, it displayed a message that the number itself was invalid, to distinguish it from a decline.

With our new 4.7.7 with X-Payments, we just get a generic message.

Is there a way to enable a Luhn calc type check here?

More info about the algorithm is here:


ambal 05-04-2017 11:49 PM

Re: X-Payments and Incorrect CC Number
Hi Jeff,

We do not use JS check in current XP version. We do "after-submit" check at PHP level.
Right now we are finalizing development of X-Payments v3.1 (release ETA end of May) where we are going to address the issue you raised here. I see you have XP v3.x license already so you will get access to this version free of charge and will be able to upgrade.
Users of hosted X-Payments plans get upgrades of their X-Payments accounts per request free of charge, too.

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