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PhilJ 02-20-2020 02:19 AM

X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template

X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template

X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) is a multi-purpose, fully responsive ecommerce template based on the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework of them all, Bootstrap 4.
  • X-Cart Classic v4.7.12
  • PHP 7.4.x Ready
  • Open Source
  • Valid HTML5 Markup
  • Easy to Install
  • Comprehensive Settings
  • Various Useful Addons & Widgets
  • Improved Cart & Checkout
  • Fast & SEO Friendly
  • Structured Data / Rich Snippets
  • 100% for SEO in Lighthouse
  • Great Mobile Experience
  • Latest Bootstrap v4.6.0
  • jQuery v3.6.0
  • Trusted JavaScript Libraries
  • Inexpensive & Time Saving
  • Free Support & Updates
Fully Themeable | Lazy Loaded Images & Videos | Minified JS & CSS Assets | Layout Switchers | Masonry Layouts | Quick View Popup | Improved Minicart | Swipeable Carousels | Custom Category Menus | Custom Product Fields * | Product Promo Ribbons (100 preset labels) | Advanced HTML Editors | Improved Date Pickers | Admin Quick Find | Custom Sidebars ** | JSON-LD Structured Data | Easy Meta Content Control *** | Predictive Search | Custom Homepages | Homepage Slider & Promos | Featured Items | Improved Info Messages | reCAPTCHA | Google Fonts | Built-In Blog | Wordpress Addon | Uploads Manager | Testimonials | Auto Upselling Products | Dedicated FAQ Page | Public Discount Coupons | Glossary Page | RSS Feeds | Extended Colour Palette | Catalog-Only Mode | Developer Tools Modal | Timed Event Modal Messages | Top Page Views | Images Sitemap | Custom Shop Closed Page | Free Background Images | Minified HTML | 20+ Footer Blocks | Custom 404 | Video Feeds | Header Styles
  • Lazy Loading with LazySizes
  • Improved info / warning notifications with SweetAlert2
  • Improved date pickers with FlatPickr
  • Swipeable Carousels with Flickity (Banners module has been modified to use them also)
  • Masonry layouts with Isotope
  • Minified JS and CSS assets with Minify
  • Second descriptions for categories and manufacturer pages
  • Coupon codes & expiry dates can be modified, plus coupons can be made public
  • Redactor HTML Editors
  • Latest CloudZoom
* Custom product fields screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

** Sidebars can be enabled/disabled throughout, even on a per product / category / manufacturer / static page basis. Sidebars can be collapsible. Mobile-only sidebar. Create your own custom sidebar if you wish.

*** Provided by Advanced Page Meta addon.

The template requires X-Cart Classic v4.7.12 and is not available for v5.x stores.


cheap eyeglasses 02-20-2020 04:25 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template

www.cheapglasses.net 02-20-2020 04:28 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Great, I have been waiting for this new template for a long time!

sinobest 02-20-2020 04:31 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hope X-cart 7.4.12 comes out as soon as possible, then i can use this new template and the new x-cart to set up my new shop.

Eyeglasses Expert 02-21-2020 03:42 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Monday 24th Feb, today is 21st, 3 days balance!

elmirage001 02-22-2020 04:54 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Thank you so much Phil!


peggyr 02-25-2020 06:31 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template

Thanks from me as well!



PhilJ 02-26-2020 11:31 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hiya, updates will always be available free of charge.

I'm just gradually adding to the docs, which should be ready in 1-2 days.

PhilJ 03-02-2020 05:04 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
@ cheap, proceed to the cart or checkout page and you can enter a coupon there (just had to disable anonymous checkout).

PhilJ 03-03-2020 02:17 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
reBOOT uses Flickity for carousels (used to be Swiper in old version), if you want to disable prev/next arrows it's fairly easy to do, just a JS setting.

At the moment you can choose from 3 product layouts, but you can't do it on a per-product basis yet. You can however set the sidebar on a per-product basis.

For category pages, you can set the sidebar on a per-category basis. You can also display subcategories as icons or lists, as per usual. There's also second descriptions for categories.

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