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Mariusz 09-10-2014 12:49 PM

xcart 5.1 taxes
So I've set up the zones for all the different Canadian Provinces/Territories with the tax rate, I added the province/territories for each tax rate. But the taxes aren't showing up. Am I missing a step?

I've set up the taxes via instructions from"


totaltec 09-10-2014 12:58 PM

Re: xcart 5.1 taxes
I am currently struggling with Canadian shipping. What is up with Canada? :-)

Have you assigned the tax to the products? On the product page there is a tax box. Is your tax selected?

Mariusz 09-10-2014 01:12 PM

Re: xcart 5.1 taxes
Canadian shipping was a pain, but I got that sorted out.

I thought it said that that products have default tax applied already, so I didn't add a tax class, and all my products have the default tax class on them.

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