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kevinrm 06-05-2016 09:16 PM

Re: New module for X-Cart 5 - Backup Master
Just want to say I purchased this and I like it. I'd like it even more if it uploaded the backup to Dropbox on a scheduled basis, but as is it's good for the price and does make life a bit simpler.

xplorer 07-08-2016 12:03 AM

Re: Backup Master module
The new 5.2.3 version of Backup Master module does not include var/datacache and var/resource directories into backup archives as this may cause the backup process to stop with an unpredictable error in some environments.

These directories store cached files and X-Cart 5 recreates them automatically from other files. So, not having them in backups is not a problem.

xplorer 07-28-2016 12:44 AM

Re: Backup Master module
The new 5.2.4 version includes further improvements in dealing with var/datacache and var/resource directories (in some cases these directories were still included into archives).

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