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amy2203 08-24-2019 11:20 PM

Facebook Feed rejected
I've just set up a facebook feed and all items are being rejected?

Incorrectly formatted property: price

The csv content when opened in Excel is:
£4.70 GBP

This should just be £4.70 for example.

How do I fix this?

I have checked the database and all the data is correct - and asked my host.

The data looks OK in Textwrangler when viewed as text, but inExcel shows the extra character.

I asked in the main forum and the advice was it's an encoding issue, but I can't work out where I can change the encoding of the feed.

All products are currently rejected by Facebook on the price.

cflsystems 08-25-2019 03:35 PM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
First of why are you using both £ and GBP? It should one or the other but not both. Or is this how the feed is exported by the module?
The currency is not something you will find in the database. The price is just a float number in the database. The currency and/or the symbol for the currency is something you will enter yourself in the settings in admin. So - have you checked that this setting is correctly entered?

 implies hidden symbol so you may not be able to see it in database or in simple text editor.

I would suggest you check the cart settings - currency setup - and you can even re-enter whatever is in there and re-save. Especially if you use the wizard to migrate from XC4 to XC5.

Also - don't trust much Excel for csv files. Excel is not a good choice for edit/view csv files.
OpenOffice Calc or better yet LibreOffice Calc is way way better.

amy2203 08-26-2019 08:43 AM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
I think it's the way the module creates the csv file. My host has checked and all the database seems OK.

The currency is set up as the built in GBP Pound Sterling.

This was a new install not a migration from V4.

cflsystems 08-26-2019 03:33 PM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
Does this happen after you manipulate the file with Excel or is it on opening with Excel when you see it?

You can file a bug report with QT if you are sure it is the module. At the very least the price should not have both the symbol and the text for currency.

You can upload the csv file as exported by the cart, maybe someone can check on it and see if there is anything.

amy2203 08-27-2019 09:01 AM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
It's as it exports from the module, i don't manipulate it, just open in Excel and see it.

i opened a ticket with x-cart a few days ago, I'm waiting on a reply.


cflsystems 08-27-2019 10:37 AM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
you have not uploaded any file in here

amy2203 08-27-2019 10:03 PM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
1 Attachment(s)
Here's the latest file, freshly downloaded this morning.

Thank you

welly 08-28-2019 06:30 AM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
I am by no means an expert in this, but I do use this feed and the same currency without seeing these issues. The issues I'm having are different, but they do not lead to any products being rejected.

In admin, if I check under Store Setup, Localization, Currency, my settings are:

Store currency - GBP - Pound Sterling
Format - 1234.99
Prefix - £
Suffix - (nothing)

Are yours the same?

In my feed file, even in excel, there is no '£' symbol or special character, but 'GBP' is present.

Also, in Facebook business manager, I think you can see some of the products that are causing errors, and some examples of the values that Facebook doesn't like. Does that indicate a special character in your price field (leaving Excel out of the equation)?


cflsystems 08-28-2019 06:32 AM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
1 Attachment(s)
There is nothing wrong with the file.
I had it open in editor and there is no extra symbol. Opened it in LibreOffice and there is no extra symbol.
Even re-saved the file from LibreOffice back to csv and there is still no extra symbol - see attached.
This extra character is coming from your Excel when you open the file in there and if you re-save it it sticks. Don't use Excel for csv files. Excel highly depends on your OS settings when it is working with csv files.
Most likely the encoding is incorrect.

The only incorrect thing I see with this file is the use of symbol and code for currency - it has to be one or the other.

amy2203 08-28-2019 07:48 AM

Re: Facebook Feed rejected
Thanks. I don't usually open it in excel. Facebook takes the feed directly and is rejecting it. I only opened it in excel to try to identify the problem.

Looks like it's not an encoding issue then, back to the drawing board.

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