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valks1 10-03-2009 03:42 PM

https images where are they stored ?
I have a https area on some of my site, which is pretty normal.

I need to add some images to use on paypal, but these have to be stored in a secure website.

One image is my company logo.

If i go to my payment area on my site, so it changes to https, and then get the logo url, then add this to the paypal site, it displays the image but does not resize it.

How can i add a resized image to my https area so i can link this to paypal?

This image must not show on my main site.

Are my https images stored in a different location?

Can you please help.

valks1 10-06-2009 12:17 PM

Re: https images where are they stored ?
Can anyone help ?

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