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iWD 01-07-2009 10:22 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
As far as I know there is nothing different, that's what makes this so frustrating!
They both got installed by default with the three column setup. (Real store and test store)
The other two sites (different live product sites) had to been modified from two to three columns.
That worked fine, after a little testing.
I am also running a new "menu" on the other sites (just type for now, wanted and image, but that's not working either), but this was suppose to get applied to this one as well.
It worked on the two other live stores? and the test store, with the same CSS from the live one with no problems.
I'm VERY new at this and have made few changes!
This was me branching out to try and make the site(s) better.
I'm only able to change the basics colours and such, so far.
However, as I said there is the "on sale" mod that appears in one menu that is not applied to the other sites?
I did try to patch the site(s) and the patches did not work out well, so that could have caused an issue? However I removed or restored it till it was working and haven't touched it since. The patches might be different between the sites.
That is the biggest difference I can think of.
I took the CSS from the original site and moved it to the test site to create the "teststore" version of it. So the only thing that wouldn't be on the "teststore" version would be the on sale mod and all the products and categories.
To me that shouldn't cause the effect I'm getting, as you said we are just changing the appearance.
But, what do I know?
I am looking at moving into the newest version of x-cart in next upgrade, but the CSS is completed different again, so that might be some time.
I would love to apply this mod in the mean time.
Hope that helps!


iWD 01-07-2009 11:45 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
It has something to do with the menu.tpl file, as the dialog.tpl file does work on the live site.
However this is the same (and I do mean same) file that was used on the other sites.
But, the "on Sale" mod does appear to be moved around, outside of the regular menu.
Does this mean I can't have "On Sale" running in conjunction with the round corners?
That doesn't seem right.

iWD 01-07-2009 11:56 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
Also, I was attempting to play around with my new "teststore" where v4.2.0 is installed.
And it doesn't work at all? (This is a fresh install with only colours/images altered)
I guess that is the price we pay for setting up the new install.
However, I can't move things over until I figure out how to at least colour it properly.
So, until then I wait for advice on the v4.1.10 problem.
Thanks! (again)

JWait 01-08-2009 03:49 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
What happens if you replace menu.tpl and dialog.tpl with the originals, do the left menus still stretched across the screen and the middle menu and the right menus went down to the bottom?

iWD 01-08-2009 06:32 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
No when you replace the original files the windows all go back to normal.
Then there are no changes to anything, and I am back to square one.
Which is where the site currently resides.

Any thoughts?

JWait 01-08-2009 10:54 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
OK, are we talking about a 4.1.x site or a 4.2.x site? The stylesheets are vastly different.

iWD 01-08-2009 11:49 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
We are currently talking about a 4.1 Site.
However, I will likely be switching to 4.2 in the future, depending on if I can get the design to work for me.
The current issue is with the 4.1 site.
It is messing up the formating, but yet I don't know why?
However, if I am going to likely have to start from scratch from a new install to fix it, I would rather know how to do it for the new 4.2 site, as it will likely cause less of a headache.
If that makes sense.
If it would be easier to just do it to the 4.2 site, I can try that (but some adjustments have to be made as the current rounded corner mod doesn't do it).
But, I am running the 4.1 site currently and this is the error that is occurring when I try to set up the rounded boxes but the "teststore" (4.1) I'm on works fine.


JWait 01-09-2009 04:25 PM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
The 4.1.x site would probably be easier to work with. Also, it is possible any mods you have will not work with 4.2.

Anyway, what happens when you do one step at a time?

Make the changes in the skin1.css stylesheet (and skin1_admin.css).
Then change the dialog.tpl and test it, both as a customer and admin, using as many web browsers as you have (be sure to clear the templates cache before checking).

When you are satisfied it works change to the new menu.tpl and test it again (be sure to clear the templates cache before checking).

Finally, check your "on Sale" mod and see if it works properly. If it does not have rounded corners check that it is using either menu.tpl or dialog.tpl depending on where it is located.

iWD 01-12-2009 05:41 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
One Step at a time:
Step One:
CSS files are fine (I have left them running, as they are uneventful without the other files running, or so it appears.)

Step two:
[I'm not sure how to "clear the template cache"]
However, when adding the dialog.tpl here are the results:
MAC - Safari:
The extra dialogue menu I added is where it was (narrow however) and the cart and authentication menus are moved to it's right. These are all on the third column, right side.
Now, however it appears that I have four columns, though one is beyond the top bar.
When I was originally testing the "teststore" it was set to be "100%" width of the window and It had worked at the time (I do believe) however since then it has been set to a defined width for the next site I am working on currently. Would this have an effect?
MAC - FireFox: Appears Correctly
Windows - iE: Appears Correctly
Windows - Firefox: Appears Correctly

The "On Sale" mod is in the "products" menu [1st column on left] on the right side of the menu.
It is not it's own menu, and therefore is following the properties set out by the "product menu" one would think? Unless this is not how this mod is suppose to be set up, and therefore I must have set something wrong?

Admin appears fine across the board.

Step 3:
[I'm not sure how to "clear the template cache"]

In all listed browsers:
The menus stretch across and have realigned their listings, all the same however.

so looks they like this:

Bestsellers ------------------------------------------------>
Manufacturers --------------------------------------------->
Special -------------------------------------------------->
Help ---------------------------------------------------->
Products ------------> Sales & Sepecials (On Sale Mod is now trying to make it's own menu?)
Main----- My New dialogue Menu (text only)
---------Cart ( the section looks right)
featured products (again as it should be)

Admin Section is in a similar state

How it's suppose to look:

Products MAIN New Menu
Bestsellers ^ same ^ CART
Manufacturers ^ same ^ Authentication
Special Featured Products
Help ^ same ^

So I'm not sure what I have done wrong, but it appears the safari doesn't like the dialog.tpl file either.
All do not like the menu.tpl file and I think it must have something to do with the On Sale mod.
Any thoughts?

If this can't be fixed, then I might just try upgrading it to the 4.2 for a new look.
If I can figure that one out.
But, if the On Sale Mod doesn't work, then I might have to look into another option.


iWD 01-12-2009 05:44 AM

Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)
Table Structure Should look like this:
Products ---------- MAIN -------------New Menu
Bestsellers-------- ^ same ^ ----------- CART
Manufacturers -----^ same ^ ------------Authentication
Special ------- Featured Products
Help-------------^ same ^

[Sorry still new to the forum and apparently plan spaces don't work]
Hopefully the other "illustration" is helpful.
If you would like/need screen shots I can get them, but don't like this running on my live site for too long, and as I said the "teststore" doesn't have the "on sale" mod and this might be where the problem resides.

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