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KevTheIrish 02-17-2018 06:07 PM

not off to a good start
installed this the other day and there are a few pages I cannot seem to get to work:

All three pages display the same

An error occurred in your store.
ERROR: "0" (code N/A)
phar "/home/mysite/public_html/xcart/classes/XLite/Module/XC/Geolocation/lib/MaxMind/geoip2.phar" SHA1 signature could not be verified: broken signature

I have confirmed that exec and pspell are not disabled.
Do I need to also subscribe to GeoIP2 Databases? Is it included when I upgrade to the paid license? Or is there a way to turn it off

KevTheIrish 02-17-2018 06:20 PM

Re: not off to a good start

Had to turn GEOIP off in the addons

qualiteam 02-18-2018 10:11 PM

Re: not off to a good start
How did you copy files to the server?
Does the file size on the server matches the size of the file in the distribution package? If the size is different, try to copy the files again, but force the use of the binary mode now (so that your FTP client doesn't corrupt the file during the transfer).

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