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mcanitano 08-27-2014 05:29 AM

'Error 32' in logs
I opened my XC log files and reviewed my internal error log file, it keeps showing an 'Error 32'.

I tried to duplicate this error, and I can if I try to revisit

/cart.php?mode=order_message&orderids=XXXXX while not logged in.

I doubt customers are actually taking this URL, saving it, and typing it into the address bar to check their order, as I am seeing this error at least two to three (sometimes more) times per day. Could anyone have any idea or suggestions as to where it is coming from?


[27-Aug-2014 06:28:32] INTERNAL message:
    Recorded error 32
Request URI: /cart.php?mode=order_message&orderids=XXXXX

ambal 08-28-2014 01:14 AM

Re: 'Error 32' in logs
I renamed this thread to "'Error 32' in logs" in order to avoid confusion.

This error message is appended to log files when someone tries to open the link and his login session is over. It might be customers who kept that link opened in their browsers trying to open it again when their login session has already expired or they have already logged out.

One more possible reason - recently I read a story about "Awesome screenshot" plug-in for Chrome saving URLs for some reasons. Later those URLs are accessed by some "spider". No worries here as the above links are not accessible if you are not logged in as the customer.

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