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spdesign 07-14-2012 06:23 AM

$css_files array is empty?
Recently upgraded our store from 4.2 to 4.4.5 and switched a development version of the site that I had been working on to the live version.

It was working fine in a subdirectory.

But now that it's in the root directory, the storefront css is reading as empty.

I have updated config and options. Admin css is working fine.

I think there is a glitch in the css cache file generation? Anyone encountered this?

[removed link because I am going to try a fresh install, but if this situation sounds familiar to anyone, I would love some insight]

EDIT: There seems to be a problem with generating the $css_files array? Basically, I know that service_css.tpl generates a list off <link>s for .js and .css files, and this is empty for some reason. The file only outputs blank lines.

Not sure whether that helps anyone give me an idea where to start.

cflsystems 07-14-2012 08:28 AM

Re: CSS cache files created as empty
Have you cleared XC cache - cleanup.php? Do you have Speed Up tools on? Try turning them off (admin/settings). The tpl file does not generate anything - the php files do this. Sounds like you do have the speedup tools on and there is some problem with the caching. Make sure also var directory subdirecrories have correct permissions so XC can read/write there. Look in /var/log for errors

spdesign 07-14-2012 08:52 AM

Re: CSS cache files created as empty
I did empty all the cache directories, etc. and check permissions.

Doing a re-install and then re-uploading all of my customized files just did the trick. I didn't think to check Speed Up tools, but if this happens again or with another store, I know to look at that.

Thanks much for your help.

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