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mida68 01-04-2010 11:07 AM

Custom Functionality for 3 Level Advanced Dynamic Category Menu
Hello, I have contacted XCARTMODS but am wondering if I can reach him here faster or get outside help or offers of help.

Our client wants expandible/collaspseable navigation so that one "group" appears expanded on the home page while others are collapsed. Example site for navigation inspiration is www.singer22.com - you'll notice that just one grouping of categories are visible at once (in this case, the designers.)

We got pretty far: https://www.unqboutique.com

What we are trying to do is keep "Shop by Designer" and "Shop by Style" fixed up at the top of the list. On the home page only, forcing one list down to only show Shop by Designer sub-cats. When one of the Shop by categories is clicked, it remains on the top while the sub-cats drop down below.

On sub pages, only the active category list is open with the two "Shop by" categories remaining fixed on top of the page.

It's not as 100% logical as the program was designed but trying to create a shopping look and feel similar to the larger, familiar sites.

Any help from the owner - offers of help or suggestions welcome, thanks!

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