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cflsystems 06-17-2020 04:10 PM

I wonder if all is good at XC
As it says in the title - is all alright at the XC HQ?

Today I opened secure.x-cart.com to get to client's account and on page load I was greeted by chat conversation between XC support and a new client of theirs. Not that there was anything secret about the conversation but I got to see what they were taking about, the customer email address and I could have posted replies in there too if I wanted to.

This should not be happening right. I wonder if it was leaked to all who went to that page or XC site or it was a mixed of accounts, although I was not logged in at the time.

memoto 06-23-2020 12:40 AM

Re: I wonder if all is good at XC
Yes, sorry about that. We met several issues with Intercom integration. Everything should be fine now.

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