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ambal 11-06-2007 05:04 AM

The Quote Request Wizard
Hi everyone,

Some of you, guys&gals, faced to a kind of problem when your idea of a customization wasn't implemented by us exactly as you had been thinking about it.

As you should understand there are at least two sides in any communication and it is important for both sides to be on the same track in their minds especially when it comes to paying for some custom service like our custom development.

Nobody in the world can read someone's mind (perhaps there are a couple of gurus somewhere in Tibet who can but they are not here ) and in order to make your custom development experience with us better we decided to fix the core point of any misunderstanding in requests for quotes. We decided to give you a tool to describe requests for quotes in some "proper" way . We created "The Quote Request Wizard" :cool: which is available at http://www.qualiteam.biz/quote_request.html

The Quote Request Wizard (QRW) is not a part of our HelpDesk system yet :oops: , so you should take in account that it will take us some time to submit your RFQs (requests for quotes) into your HelpDesk system accounts. In order to make our and your lives easier we ask you to specify your license URL in the "License URL" field of the QRW before you submit a new RFQ. If you do not know your license URL yet (e.g. if it is a new project) use some dummy URL there and specify that this is a new project with new license URL which you do not know yet in the "Project Aim" field.

There are a couple of samples in order to give you some idea on how to use the QRW.

We hope the QRW will help both you and us to improve our quoting process and made it much shorter with more predictable results for both sides of communication (i.e. for you and us ).

If you have questions - post them here. I'll try to address all of them.

Light Speed 11-06-2007 09:23 PM

Re: The Quote Request Wizard
Good idea!

Just a note: automatical is not a word. Try Automatic!

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