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dklein 08-17-2006 12:37 AM

Reports on margins

Does it exist a mod that will allow me to report on my margins?

For instance for each product (and it's variants) I will have a selling price and buying price. Then I'll be able so see which product makes me more profits


pauldodman 08-17-2006 02:00 AM


There is a 3rd party mod available, it is by Firetank, and available here:

(this post will probably get moved as it is for people to post completed mods that they have done).

balinor 08-17-2006 02:38 AM

Moved to Third Party Mods.

Please be sure to read the forum descriptions and stickies before you post, the Completed Custom Mods forum is for posting completed code only, not questions.

groovico 08-25-2006 04:55 AM

Re: Reports on margins
The marketing manager profit report is currently compatible with x-cart 3 and 4.0.X. The 4.1 version is under development.

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