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designguru 08-11-2014 02:40 AM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
Hi Phil. Posted tickets can you get back to me. Thanks

designguru 08-12-2014 10:31 AM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
Buying mods, templates and even creating more new mods and stuff is great and one thing, but what to do when there's no time left to get support in a reasonable time of period for bought products?

I point this out because I noticed that many develop new items and mods but then it's really hard/time consuming to finish a project because of support.

I really like the products and Phil has really helped a lot but how can I finish a project when the original programmer has not really time left to clarify or support purchased items? Many things could have been settled within days but then take many weeks. This post is meant as feedback from someone who really likes your products but simply want to point out an important matter.

elmirage001 08-13-2014 04:41 PM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
Hi Phil !

Just received this from Google today and thought you might like to see it. You know I love reBOOT but this shows my visitors do too :-)

Attachment 3871

Thank you for all you do!


PhilJ 08-13-2014 10:51 PM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
^ Good on you Paul, great results you got there.


I've been updating reBOOT to be leaner, faster, more SEO friendly

v3 will be released soon, compatible with X-Cart 4.6.4.

In terms of layout, there's a lot more you can do with it, you can even go large (full wide screen layout) yet still remain responsive throughout.

Header category menus have been revamped, you can now combine mega menus with dropdown menus.

A lot of improvements have been made.

Current v3 reBOOT settings

Current v3 PREVIEW Demo

I've introduced reBOOT Widgets

It's getting close to being ready for release.

All existing purchasers get free updates and will be notified when it's ready. Any feedback is welcome.

elmirage001 08-18-2014 05:44 AM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
Hi Phil !

I've been checking the demo a couple of times per day and I'm very impressed with what I'm seeing.

The YSlow score is amazing and Desktop Google Pagespeed is very good.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the "mobile" thin header and was wondering if a "mobile" thin footer for the Social Media, Cart, and Back to Top might be an option.

The new reBOOT Widgets are VERY cool!

Please consider having an upgrade fee or at least a PayPal donation button. You've put too many hours of thought, research and work into this and you already gave v2.0 as a free upgrade. Just my 2 cents :-)

Can't wait!!! Thank you so much!


yages 08-19-2014 01:37 PM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
1 Attachment(s)
How do you change the authentication menu to
a login drop down box like this image
to be inserted in the header of the website

gozindagi 08-21-2014 12:06 AM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
Hi Phil,

After adding Facebook Id at reboot template settings & enabling Facebook at footer section,Facebook is not showing at footer in our store front.It shows some error "Please enter your Facebook ID in the template settings". Please tell me how can i resolve this problem?


PhilJ 08-22-2014 11:25 PM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
Yages, try this code in your header... (untested)

Should give you something to go on.

This reBOOT v1 / Bootstrap 2


<div class="btn-group" style="display:inline!important">
<a class="btn dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">
{if $login eq ""}
{/if}<span class="caret"></span>
<ul class="dropdown-menu">
{if $login eq ""}
    <li>{include file="customer/main/login_link.tpl"}</li>
    <li><a href="help.php?section=Password_Recovery">{$lng.lbl_forgot_password}</a></li>
    <li><a href="register.php">{$lng.lbl_register}</a></li>
    <li><a href="register.php?mode=update">{$lng.lbl_my_account}</a></li>
    {if $active_modules.Wishlist and $wlid ne ""}
    <li><a href="cart.php?mode=friend_wl&amp;wlid={$wlid|escape}">{$lng.lbl_friends_wish_list}</a></li>
    {if $active_modules.Wishlist}
    <li><a href="cart.php?mode=wishlist">{$lng.lbl_wish_list}</a></li>
    {if $active_modules.Gift_Registry}
    <li><a href="giftreg_manage.php">{$lng.lbl_gift_registry}</a></li>
    {if $active_modules.Quick_Reorder}
    <li><a href="quick_reorder.php">{$lng.lbl_quick_reorder_customer}</a></li>
    <li><a href="login.php?mode=logout">{$lng.lbl_logoff}</a></li>

yages 08-23-2014 03:06 PM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
1 Attachment(s)
Could you test this drop down menu for login
The menu does not drop down
only shown as bullet points
image attached
what do you put in href="#"> on 2nd line

PhilJ 08-25-2014 02:25 PM

Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template
We are pleased to announce that reBOOT v3 is now available! (X-Cart v4.6.4)

It has been re-worked over the past few months, optimised for speed / SEO, achieving higher results in YSlow, Google Page Speed, GTmetrix etc.

Many of the main features have been updated, such as the layout options, category menus and the ajax minicart.

The layout can now go full-width, which may please those with large wide screens, or who previously wanted to be able to disable the 'responsiveness' for desktops.

The new responsive menu is particularly good, with nine menu choices, lots of settings and the ability to combine 'mega' menus with 'dropdown' menus.

The ajax minicart is now easier to work with. It's now just a Bootstrap button and you can have multiple instances of it placed anywhere.

We've introduced 'Widgets', so that you can insert various design components easier and build up your own widget library.

Demo links are here

reBOOT is now using jQuery v1.11.1 / Bootstrap v3.2.0 / FontAwesome v4.1.0.

The following addons are included...
  • Advanced Testimonials (includes new admin panel)
  • Product Videos Addon (up to 5 videos per product)
  • Redactor HTML Editors (with image / file uploaders)
  • Wordpress Blog Integration (based on latest version)
Some features have been dropped in v3...
  • The 'custom' theme colour pickers have been removed from the settings, in favour of separate theme CSS files. There's now 20 colour themes to choose from.
  • Sample CSS file - http://www.xcartmods.com/skin/reboot/css/themes/01.css
  • Product social sharing buttons have been replaced with basic social sharing buttons. You can still use the 'Socialize' module if you wish.
  • The 'feedback' addon has been removed
  • The 'page load progress indicator' has been removed
  • The Facebook widget has been removed from the footer
  • Other minor features, but nothing too drastic!
X-Cart v5

We've had many people enquire about reBOOT for X-Cart v5. It's not currently planned, but we're not ruling it out for the future.

To upgrade, drop us an email or ticket with your order ID. Files will be sent out 26th August at the earliest.

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