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svowl 04-18-2006 05:21 AM

X-Cart 4.1.0 released
X-Cart 4.1.0 is now available for downloading from your File area along with the upgrade kits that will take you from X-Cart 4.1.0 RCx to 4.1.0.

The demo site, as well as an X-Cart 4.1.0 trial, will be available in the following two days. Upgrade patch for upgrading the database from 4.0.x to 4.1.x will be released in about a week.

Below is the changelog between 4.1.0 RC4 and 4.1.0 final release.


----------------- X-CART v4.1.0 RELEASED

Tue Apr 18 09:46:34 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Tax rates were not calculated in X-Cart Pro version. Fixed.

Mon Apr 17 19:12:45 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: The category tree was not displayed correctly in Netscape browser versions below 8.0 (Fancy categories module). Fixed.

Sat Apr 15 10:59:25 MSD 2006[*] - max - New Import / Export mechanism is optimized for memory usage.

Fri Apr 14 11:21:51 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug (Product configurator module): Configurable products created in the store did not appear in the Customer zone, as their data were not included into the service product cache. Fixed.

Fri Apr 14 10:03:39 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug (Fancy categories module): Configuration options' multilanguage descriptions were not stored in the DB correctly. Fixed.

Fri Apr 14 09:33:20 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Terms & Conditions note was not displayed on the Anonymous registration page. Fixed.

Thu Apr 13 17:58:00 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Gift certificates were not added to the wish list. Fixed.

Thu Apr 13 17:43:56 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: The procedure of sending a confirmation request caused a Smarty error on Edit Event recipients list page. Fixed.

Thu Apr 13 17:36:09 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Category icons were not displayed in the Customer area when Fancy categories module was enabled.

Thu Apr 13 17:12:20 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Control buttons for partner plans list were displayed when partner plans list was empty. Fixed.

Thu Apr 13 16:58:16 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: A redundant input field was displayed on the Product modify page when Extra fields module was enabled, and the list of extra fields was empty. Fixed.

Thu Apr 13 16:41:58 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: A customer could add a product to cart with a quantity exceeding the product's quantity in stock if the last product item was added from the wish list and the products were added with different product option sets. Fixed.

Thu Apr 13 09:26:50 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: A customer could begin a payment transaction using PayPal Express Checkout payment module when the list of shipping methods available to this customer was empty. Fixed.

Wed Apr 12 12:02:08 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Webmaster mode did not work correctly: the border of the selected template was not displayed. Fixed.

Tue Apr 11 14:28:30 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Import statistics were not calculated correctly in 'Detailed images' and 'Product options exceptions' import sections. Fixed.

Tue Apr 11 14:01:56 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Product variants rebuilding procedure did not save unique variant IDs of the variants being saved. Fixed.

Tue Apr 11 11:28:21 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: The link to 'Export data' page was wrong on the 'Welcome' page in Provider area. Fixed.

Tue Apr 11 09:21:06 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: 'Check database integrity' procedure caused an SQL error when the module 'Product options' was disabled. Fixed.

Mon Apr 10 18:01:31 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: AutorizeNet: AIM payment module parameters were encrypted using X-Cart's standard blowfish key instead of the special blowfish key meant for AutorizeNet: AIM. Fixed.

Mon Apr 10 16:39:51 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: JS functionality for CVV2 number checking did not function correctly. Fixed.

Mon Apr 10 16:32:22 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: PHP_SELF variable was not redefined when the shop used HTTPS relay. Fixed.

Mon Apr 10 14:40:53 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: The system did not detect cookies if a user made a POST request from another domain or protocol (from HTTP to HTTPS shop part). Fixed.

Mon Apr 10 12:21:31 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Acceptance of the Software License Agreement was required of a user in the process of uninstalling add-on modules. Fixed.

Mon Apr 10 11:33:47 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Some pages caused warning messages during W3C validation because <script> tags did not have '' inner tag pairs. Fixed

Mon Apr 10 10:38:31 MSD 2006 [+] - max - Import_3x_4x module is added allowing you to import product data from the earlier versions of X-Cart (provides compatibility with v. 3.x-4.x data formats).

Sat Apr 08 12:36:39 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: On Product list pages, the price of a product could be displayed wrongly if that product had some product options of the 'modifier' type which affected the product price. Fixed.

Sat Apr 08 12:07:32 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: The header of the first column in the table of wholesale prices for a product variant was displayed wrongly on the Product details page: the final number of the quantity range was displayed as zero. Fixed.

Sat Apr 08 10:39:17 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: If a product was created with an empty base price and a set of product variants with non-empty prices, the price of the product on the Product details page was displayed as empty - regardless of the variant prices. Fixed.

Fri Apr 07 18:01:00 MSD 2006[*] - svowl - Improvement: Input text boxes are replaced with textareas for 'meta_descr' and 'meta_keywords' options (General settings/SEO options).

Fri Apr 07 18:01:00 MSD 2006[*] - svowl - Improvement: Now it is possible to see order creation time in the orders list.

Fri Apr 07 18:01:00 MSD 2006[*] - svowl - Improvement: Style is added for the printable invoice page.

Fri Apr 07 18:01:00 MSD 2006[*] - svowl - The order of displaying orders on the orders list page is changed to reverse (latest orders come first).

Fri Apr 07 15:28:00 MSD 2006[*] - svowl - The option 'Enable tracking statistics' is moved to the 'Advanced statistics' module. The option 'Enable shop statistics' is added.

Fri Apr 07 15:11:42 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: When images were stored on the file system and an image file was removed from the service directory, or when the service directory itself was deleted, the default image that was displayed in the place of the removed image was displayed not as a link to a static image file, but as a link to a dynamic script, which created additional load on the server. Fixed.

Fri Apr 07 12:36:46 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: 'libCURL' HTTPS bouncer did not work correctly with HTTP headers in HTTPS requests. Fixed.

Fri Apr 07 12:03:20 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: The field 'Store images in' was not updated after moving images from the Database to the File system. Fixed.

Fri Apr 07 10:40:52 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Template and data caches were not cleaned after an alternative skin had been installed. Fixed.

Fri Apr 07 09:51:32 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: When, in the process of creating a product, the user failed to complete some of the mandatory fields, after page reloading the user was notified of the fact, but the product data entered by the user at the previous step was saved only partially (prices and extra field data were not saved, assigned membership levels were saved wrongly). Fixed.

Thu Apr 06 17:49:14 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Add product page caused an SQL error if X-Magnifier module was enabled. Fixed.

Thu Apr 06 17:28:41 MSD 2006[*] - max - Improvement: Service names for new extra fields are predefined automaticaly based on existing serice names.

Thu Apr 06 17:10:37 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: The new import / export mechanism did not work correctly if tab was selected as a CSV delimiter. Fixed.

Thu Apr 06 16:05:27 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Froogle export file did not have an 'END' word at the end of the file. Fixed.

Thu Apr 06 11:48:00 MSD 2005 [!] - svowl - Bug: When an offer of a certain provider was applied to the cart and the customer went to check his bonus products by clicking on 'Check for special offers', he could see a list of products which included products not only of this specific provider, but the other providers as well (X-SpecialOffers). Fixed.

Wed Apr 05 16:16:00 MSD 2005 [-] - svowl - Way2Pay payment module is removed as this payment processor no longer exists.

Wed Apr 05 15:20:00 MSD 2005[*] - svowl - Ability to include hidden products into bonuses is added (X-SpecialOffers).

Wed Apr 05 13:59:00 MSD 2005[*] - svowl - The security of Subscriptions module is improved.

Tue Apr 04 15:00:00 MSD 2006 [!] - svowl - Bug: A free product was added to the shopping cart as a commercial product if the offer condition included products from some category and the bonus product was from the same category (X-SpecialOffers). Fixed.

Tue Apr 04 11:02:00 MSD 2006[*] - svowl - The links to PayPal Pro Notes from the PayPal settings page are updated.

Tue Apr 04 10:52:00 MSD 2006 [!] - svowl - Bug: The 'Activity' input box was not displayed on the user details form when administrator chose to create a user profile. Fixed.

Mon Apr 03 17:54:00 MSD 2006 [!] - svowl - Bug: It was impossible to switch the 'Triple Deal' payment module from test to live mode. Fixed.

Fri Mar 31 12:08:25 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: 'PRODUCTS EXTRA FIELD VALUES' export section did not export extra field values. Fixed.

Fri Mar 31 11:39:54 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: "Use HTTPS for users' login and registration" functionality did not work correctly: after redirecting a user to HTTPS, the system redirected the user back to HTTP (based on HTTP_REFERER). Fixed.

Fri Mar 31 09:50:11 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: HTML editor detected the browser version wrongly in the Edit label popup window (Webmaster mode functionality). Fixed.

Thu Mar 30 10:48:27 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: X-AOM module allowed to edit the quantity of ESD products ordered. Fixed.

Thu Mar 30 09:45:36 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: A payment surcharge was displayed in an Order invoice even if there was not any payment surcharge. Fixed.

Wed Mar 29 17:53:21 MSD 2006 [!] - max - Bug: Language selectors were displayed on Category modify page / International product descriptions page / Manufacturer modify page / etc. when the shop had only one enabled language. Fixed.

Thank you.

TL408 04-18-2006 06:19 AM

Awesome!!! I hope all the "Import" issues have been ressolved in this release.


carlisleglass 04-18-2006 06:31 AM

Excellent ... just need to wait for the database upgrade script !

photo 04-18-2006 06:35 AM

Great news, thanks Xcart!

TL408 04-18-2006 08:12 AM

Well.....first error report....

After a default install, I went to the main webstore to browse. Everything looks good. However, when I click on register to create a new account, the page is complete with an error. (Done, but with errors on page).

The same error also show up when you add an item to the shopping cart and then go to "Checkout".


inicom 04-18-2006 09:45 AM

Re: X-Cart 4.1.0 released

Originally Posted by svowl
X-Cart 4.1.0 is now available for downloading from your File area along with the upgrade kits that will take you from X-Cart 4.1.0 RCx to 4.1.0.

Its just me or i cannot find the upgrades from rc4 up to final gold?
where is it? i just got the 4.1.0 release

PhilJ 04-18-2006 12:59 PM

In webmaster mode, it won't allow me to change language variables.


Line: 21
Char: 2
Error: 'undefined' is null or not an object
Code: 0

TL408 04-18-2006 02:16 PM

Well....here is another bug.....Export hangs. This is still with a default install. I have not added any additional products. It says "Exporting data...." and "Exporting categories....." then it just stopped. The page is showing "done" at the lower left hand corner. Below is the screen shot.


vulcan-works 04-18-2006 05:03 PM

the default password is blank when i requested from the email recovery, but when i try "master", ""(blank), or " ". it still dosent work

TL408 04-18-2006 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by vulcan-works
the default password is blank when i requested from the email recovery, but when i try "master", ""(blank), or " ". it still dosent work

Try "master" and "master"

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