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PhilJ 09-23-2005 03:34 PM

Horizontal and Vertical Flyout Category Menu
Search engine friendly, works well with the HTML catalog.
Easy to customise with separate CSS file.
Fast, won't bloat your page sizes.

balinor 09-24-2005 05:29 AM

Does this automatically generate from the categories/sub-categories like Fancy Cats or is it a manual update each time you change something?

PhilJ 09-24-2005 05:36 AM

Hi Balinor, it's auto generated, so no manual updating required.

balinor 09-24-2005 05:38 AM

Nice! Drop me a PM with cost please :)

Dongan 09-24-2005 11:41 PM

Plase PM me the cost.

PhilJ 09-26-2005 07:51 AM

It's now free folks. See link in first post.

shan 09-26-2005 12:04 PM


QVS 09-26-2005 12:31 PM

thanks for sharing.

balinor 09-26-2005 12:45 PM

Yes, thank you indeed. This looks like a fantastic mod....

Dongan 09-26-2005 08:00 PM

Thank you for sharing.. It should be one of the great mods...

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