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PhilJ 09-11-2020 01:39 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hi Paul, glad you like it... just made minor tweaks and added CSV export for good measure :D

Download (replace /skin/reboot/admin/reboot_order_stats.tpl)

Sept 11th - Just an FYI - If when a customer orders, the device type is not being stored in the orders table, update Step 2 in the Device Detect addon install.

Updated 13th Sept - Overhaul, new chart engine. Extra features coming soon, eg. ability to compare years/months etc.

PhilJ 09-12-2020 04:48 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Sept 13th - ^ Device Detect Addon Updated (Just replace all /upload files in the patch zip)

Note, new version takes into consideration the "Year when the store started its operation" in General Settings > Company

PhilJ 09-22-2020 01:46 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Sept 22nd
  • New setting to show catalog prices excluding tax / VAT.
  • Update to Detailed Images module - Cloudzoom code updated to work with variants and detailed images (experimental).
  • Update to Feature Comparison module - compare buttons changed to checkboxes and JS code adjusted.
  • Redactor HTML editors JS updated to latest version.

Am moving server, so may be slight disruption over the next day or so :)

PhilJ 09-23-2020 06:10 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
I'll get banned next

dpcompany 09-23-2020 06:12 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
No Phil, don't get banned! lol

PhilJ 09-23-2020 06:18 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
I'll try not to

PhilJ 09-27-2020 02:33 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Might be able to kick the reBOOT JS & CSS 'Minify' script into touch, now that this was sorted out, and perhaps improve the template speed at the same time.

If you're in favour of this, thank the post and I'll do some tests and find a way to make it a seamless transition for you all.

(I'll weigh up to see if it's worth it first)

peggyr 10-03-2020 04:05 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hi Phil,

I can't remember where I add a 'payment logo' into the footer of reDUX?

I've done it before, but can't remember where I did it.



FOUND IT - if of interest to others -- maybe there is a better way to update these, but this works


PhilJ 10-27-2020 12:17 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Another good article from Jill Kocher... https://www.practicalecommerce.com/mobile-site-design-impacts-organic-search-rankings



PhilJ 10-28-2020 02:34 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
28th October 2020 - Order declined error pages improved, with quick contact forms. Should help improve order conversions.

Patch Files - Demo

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