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peggyr 03-18-2022 07:55 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hi Phil,

With Redux generation of sitemap_images.xml, is there a way to 'disable' the selection of 'static pages' in the generated output?

Eg, About Us, Ts&Cs, Privacy statement, shipping info, etc...



PhilJ 03-18-2022 08:28 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hi Peggy, I expect you meant the main XML sitemap, not the images XML sitemap.

You can edit the array of items that get outputted to the sitemap in /modules/XML_Sitemap/config.php

    3 => array(
        'type'          => 'S',
        'items_function' => 'xmlmap_get_pages',
        'properties'    => array(
            'lastmod'    => '',
            'changefreq' => 'never',
            'priority'  => '0.2',

peggyr 03-18-2022 08:45 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Thx Phil,

I did mean sitemap_images.xml

eg one entry below. Then the image file is 'always' the link to the previous entry image file, caption and title.
<image:caption><![CDATA[Widget 1]]></image:caption>
<image:title><![CDATA[Widget 1]]></image:title>

PhilJ 03-18-2022 09:23 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hmm, I'm not seeing that entry in your sitemap_images.xml
Perhaps drop me a line to explain a bit more.

peggyr 03-18-2022 09:33 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
I edited them OUT, sending you full 'un-edited' file


PhilJ 04-14-2022 11:14 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
14th April 2022 - v4.7.12.8 Update - Changelog
  • NEW General FAQ system with easy to use manager, unlimited categories and faqs - Demo
  • NEW Gallery system with easy to use manager, unlimited galleries and images - Demo
  • NEW Bulk product detailed images uploader - Drag and drop up to 10 images at a time.
  • FIX Refine filters now work correctly on manufacturer catalog pages (no page refresh).
  • UPDATE Flickity carousel JS updated, which should help with performance and 'Cumulative Layout Shifts'.
  • UPDATE flatpickr date picker updated to latest version.
  • UPDATE Recent visitors improved, it's now generally faster to navigate around, minor fixes, SQL errors eliminated.
  • UPDATE Minor changes to the Glossary manager.
  • UPDATE 'Ping Bing' button removed from XML sitemap generator page - Info
Price reduced to $99 for a limited time (happy easter!) - Purchase

If you need help upgrading, just drop me a line.

Dougrun 04-15-2022 09:25 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
I'm having a serious issue with the variants not matching what the customer selects. If I use a standard drop down, and select a variant that is out of stock, the button still changes to "added" and goes back to add. but nothing gets added. If I use the inline radio sizes, it chooses a completely different size or shows an out of stock error where in fact there is stock, so the variants aren't matching. How does this happen? Rebuilding variants doesn't always fix it. I added a huge "verify your size message to the add to cart popup, hopefully that helps. I need a better popup for "out of stock" variants.

Dougrun 04-18-2022 01:21 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
after the update, if I try and access the gallery manager, i get a blank page and

[18-Apr-2022 14:16:49 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: Unable to load template file 'admin/main/xgallery.tpl' in 'common_templates.tpl'

no such file exists except in the modules/xgallery folder.

PhilJ 04-18-2022 11:20 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
@Doug, thanks for that. I've updated the upgrade zip file ... Please double check readme.txt

Upload the following just in case, but if you encounter any more issues, please let me know.


peggyr 04-19-2022 10:52 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
reDUX update applied and live.


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