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peggyr 06-18-2021 02:39 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Hi Phil,

I generated new images on a test store of mine where I created a copy of my current live store.

If I want to use these resized images on my 'prod site', what is the best way to do that?

Do I 'rename' the webp suffix to jpg (which is the suffix of my current image P, T, D, C directories, and upload to my live store directories after making a backup of them.

Or do I do something else?



PhilJ 06-18-2021 05:02 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
I haven't finished the work yet, maybe wait a few days...

EDIT: WEBP's now supported :)

peggyr 06-18-2021 05:47 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template

Will test webp mod tomorrow on TEST server



PhilJ 06-24-2021 04:57 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
25th June - v4.7.12.6 - WEBP images now supported - Save up to 70% on image file sizes! - Changelog

sinobest 06-28-2021 04:23 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
1 Attachment(s)

how to let the sub menu in one line, pls?

nauticalstyle 06-28-2021 05:19 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
Do I have to know Smarty (in depth) to be able to launch a widget from a mouse over or mouse click in a Slider or Promo image? I'm referring to the new category_grid widget in particular.

PhilJ 06-28-2021 11:39 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
@sinobest, edit /skin/reboot/css/x-menu.css to enlarge the menu item widths...

nav.xmenu ul ul li { width: 200px; float: none; display: list-item; position: relative; }
nav.xmenu ul ul ul li { position: relative; top: -60px; left: 200px; }

@nauticalstyle, you can include that widget anywhere with the following Smarty code...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_category_grid.tpl" title=$lng.lbl_categories align="center"}
Or, explain in a bit more detail what you want to achieve...

PhilJ 06-30-2021 01:57 AM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
So I thought, alright, I'll give XC5 a go, having not tried it in years... surely it works ok by now.
Fresh v5.4.1.26 install ... It required a MariaDB upgrade .. ok no problem.
Install went fine, it indicated I should update the apps, so I did.
Next thing, 502 bad gateway.
Thought, ok maybe I need to redeploy the store, so I did.
502 bad gateway.
Maybe an integrity check will fix?

502 bad gateway.


Left with a dud store, with seemingly no way to fix... admin menu buttons don't work either... grrreat.

Edit, then half an hour later, with no intervention by myself, the store starts working again... hmmmm

Theming-wise, doesn't seem to be much choice, aside from changing logo and CSS overrides.

Some admin functions don't seem to work 100% in Firefox...

And don't call me Shirley.

Dougrun 06-30-2021 02:05 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template
yeah, on the one hand, its great that it updates itself but on the other hand, if their servers have connectivity issued, you're screwed. We use it for a small site we have but I would never change our main site to it and given the price increase soon, we may stop using it.

Dougrun 06-30-2021 02:12 PM

Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template

Originally Posted by PhilJ
25th June - v4.7.12.6 - WEBP images now supported - Save up to 70% on image file sizes! - Changelog

A cool add-on for this would be a tool that removes images on discontinued/disabled products. I know xc4 doesn't like deleting products outright, it creates database integrity issues. We have 5208 products and add about 50/yr.

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