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Nicholas Bortolini 08-02-2022 06:26 AM

Text Area modifiers possible?
Is it possible within X-cart to add a price modifier on to a Text Area Attribute?

For example: If the customer types anything into the Text area, the modifier automatically adds the price charge modifier?

I know this is possible for Yes/NO & Plain Field, however we are concerned with what we sell that they wont select the proper modify on Yes/NO or Plain Field, but add their custom addition into the Text Area that we will start to run into order issues over pricing.

Ed B. 08-17-2022 12:19 AM

Re: Text Area modifiers possible?
It won't be too complicated to write a custom module for that purpose, if the price depends on simple parameter such as whether or not the customer types anything or not, or number of characters they type. If the price depends on the content of what they type, then it would become very complicated...

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