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hfwd 07-02-2005 04:47 PM

Stop displaying order receipt number in customer email
Hi guys,

To stop displaying order receipt # in customer order confirmation email,

1. edit skin1/mail/html/order_notification.tpl

Delete or comment out the following code:

{$lng.eml_this_is_order} #{$order.orderid} {$lng.eml_notification}.

2. edit include/func.php.

Find the following code in func_send_mail function:

@mail($to,$mail_subject,$mail_message,$headers, "-f".$m[1]);

Change to:

@mail($to,"Order Receipt",$mail_message,$headers, "-f".$m[1]);

Also, on the next line right after that:



Change to:


@mail($to,"Order Receipt",$mail_message,$headers);

If you are using non-HTML email, you need to do these two steps to skin1/mail/order_notification.tpl and change $m_subject in function func_send_simple_mail in func.php.

balinor 07-08-2005 02:27 PM

Moving this over to custom mods...

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