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shasan 10-23-2003 10:52 PM

thx funkydunk,

unfortunately I only have multi-column on for the featured products, the rest of the site uses single column :(

I was thinking I could probably use the same kind of logic that the featured products module uses, but I have no idea where, so I just used your mod to display 1 product :) works fine for me for now until I (or someone else) figures it out.

abeight 11-08-2003 08:15 AM

Great mod, I just installed it at http://www.pixeloutlet.com. My only question is, how can I put a title in the box header?

B00MER 11-08-2003 08:35 AM

Create the entry lbl_new_products in your languages in the admin ;)

abeight 11-08-2003 08:48 AM

Aha! Thank you!

adpboss 11-08-2003 09:15 AM


nice looking site btw.

Very attractive design IMHO.

abeight 11-08-2003 10:36 AM

Thanks, adpboss!

Since I added this mod, all of our static pages are blank. When I login to the admin area, the code for the pages is still there, but it won't show in the preview. An example, is here: http://www.pixeloutlet.com/xcart/customer/pages.php?pageid=8. This page used to have a list of contributors. Any ideas?

adpboss 11-08-2003 10:40 AM

try flushing your templates_c folder.

I am assuming that you are using 3.4.x (tsk tsk, should be in your sig).

Go to Summary (in the admin), and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Clear templates cache.

Let us know if that works.

abeight 11-08-2003 10:46 AM

Thanks, didn't think to put that in my sig. Clearing the templates cache didn't fix it.

adpboss 11-08-2003 10:49 AM

Time to hit that search button, I know there are a lot of posts on this.

Good Luck!

nfc5382 11-10-2003 02:13 PM

works great in 3.4.4, thanks!

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