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LTucker 08-17-2021 02:30 PM

New Sort By Option
I'm working on adding a new sort by option, amount/ stock level. I've tried following the X-Cart Documentation Adding New Sort Option to ItemList and have not had any success. Is this task completed differently for post 5.3 versions?

Thank you

pauldodman 08-18-2021 01:29 AM

Re: New Sort By Option
Probably - it looks like that documentation is for 5.3.
This is often the case - 5.4 is quite a bit different so a lot of these pages are out of date now.

LTucker 08-18-2021 11:18 AM

Re: New Sort By Option
Yeah I've been noticing the documentation is outdated. I've also noticed a lack of standardization within the CDev and XC modules as well... which makes it difficult to understand how certain tasks are completed within this platform.

That's part of the reason why I'm reaching out here. As decorating View classes in X-Cart v5.4 or later seems to be an elusive task...

cflsystems 08-18-2021 04:35 PM

Re: New Sort By Option
Your best bet to learn how something is supposed to be done/work is to study the code within the version you are using.
The XC docs are either out of date or showing something very simple which doesn't help in most cases.

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