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mcanitano 09-15-2014 07:47 AM

Special Offer Prices on Invoice
We have certain special offers that we always have active (if you order an item with another certain item, you get a discount), and noticed that special offer prices do not show up as so on invoices.

If our product is $19.99 but with the special offer applied its $14.99, the 14.99 price shows on the invoice, but it does not show that it was a special offer that had been applied. This is not very helpful for our ordering department when they receive an email with an invoice and are confused as to why the price has been changed.

Is there any custom code out there to implement something that shows the amount of discount applied due to special offers on the invoice side?

As a customer, I'm sure they would like to have verification of a special offer being applied, without having to go to the site, check the initial price, then have to do some math to find out that it was actually applied.

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