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Anonymous 09-19-2002 05:43 AM

What is the best way to customise pictures & logos?
Does anyone have practical tips on some of the following topics:
1. Changing the copyright information at the bottom of the pages
2. Changing the logos and "powered by" signs
3. A good package to use to understand more about using css and how to implement it with the x-cart system

Thanks for any tips! :)

B00MER 09-19-2002 05:47 AM

I normally make my product thumbnails all the same dimensions to keep consistency among the product listings.

1. copyright.tpl in skin1/

2. powerdby.tpl in skin1/

3. skin1.css in skin1/

If your needing a better grasp on CSS1 I suggest:

Anonymous 09-24-2002 08:46 AM

CSS editing

I used topstyle, its a dedicated CSS editor, it has a realtime display that shows an example of the outcome. Its not perfect... ie, it displays most background colors as text. It can be confusing a bit. BUT, for how many different classes used (css styles) it made it possible for me to handle.

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