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Kayssted 09-26-2002 07:05 AM

Email Recieved
In the templates the iformation is formatted. When I recieve the Email, there are no line breaks...

Any way around this?

B00MER 09-26-2002 07:50 AM

Sounds like you are running x-cart of a windows server, is this true? If not under general settings of the cart do you have use the Internal PHP mailer enabled? Are you using sendmail or another product for sending mail. Have you edited the email templates at all or are they still default ones?

Also if you ARE using a windows server, please read the FAQ found in the members area (http://www.x-cart.com/wmembers.php).

hth. :wink:

Kayssted 09-27-2002 07:23 AM


Use internal PHP mailer for sending newsletters.: is checked
HTML mail: is checked

Run on a Linux box.
Unsure of mail program host is using.
Default templates

now, the PHP mailer is enabled for newsletters, but what about for notifications? Is there an option I missed somewhere?

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