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balinor 02-18-2008 05:01 AM

Third Party Mods - List of Vendors
With all the third party mod vendors out there these days, I thought it would be handy to have a list of the major mod vendors and a bit about what they sell. Please note that I am in no way playing favorites here, nor am I affiliated with any of these vendors. I am keeping the post locked, as this is not the place for rants/raves/questions/advertisements, it is meant as a resource only. If I have missed a vendor, or if you are a vendor and wish to be listed, please send me a PM.

In no particular order:

BCS Engineering - Kind of the central clearinghouse of mods - they sell both their mods and many of the other vendors as well.

Firetank Software - Home of the famous Marketing Manager Pro

WebSiteCM - creator of the EZ Checkout, EZ Upsell and CDSEO Pro url mods, as well as some other excellent mods

AlteredCart - some 'must have' mods here including the one page checkout, Smart Search and On Sale mods

SafetyNetWeb - home of the famous DSEFU, as well as Auction Manager and Create A Sale. Some of the best customer service in the business.

- Phil is the 'menu man' with some great CSS menus for X-Cart as well as some other unique mods

7Dana - some of the best X-Cart skins around

MercuryMinds - Offers modules like One Page Checkout, smasher-advanced search engine, X-Cart Mailchimp integration & many more

- a great endicia integrator for X-Cart

RubyMods - GeoIP, currency and FedEx tools

Atandra - while not really an X-Cart mod, their T-Hub tool integrates X-Cart, Quickbooks and all the major shippers

MagneticOne.com - X-cart modules

aheadworks - X-cart skins

XCartMod - quick search, product option mods and more

Freeportway - modules that integrate Order-Entry and ERP systems like Mail Order Manager, OrderMotion, etc. to X-Cart

phpmagicscripts - Free X-Cart mods.

SingleFeed.com - Export mod allows X-Cart merchants to export their products into a SingleFeed format which then is submitted to all the major comparison shopping engines.

Cart-lab.com - Various X-Cart Mods and skins

IronShop.fr - French manual translation for X-cart

CartOnSteroids.com - X-Cart modules and add-ons

The xCart Store - Creators of xBanners & Predictive Search modules - plus Modern Living template.

balinor 10-16-2008 09:45 AM

Vendors to avoid
The vendors below have either exhibited poor customer service (or no customer service) or have failed to deliver products that were ordered from their web site. Use these vendors at your own peril:

PHPSiteSolutions.com - Jonathan Langevin - forum handle: intel352 - now banned from the forum and recently discovered hacking a site. Avoid at all costs.

Telafirma.com - Stephen Couch - forum handle: telafirma

CartMods - see this thread

ambal 03-05-2009 04:06 AM

Re: Third Party Mods - List of Vendors
Hi Everybody,

I want you to know that I created special forum for X-Cart mod&skin developers only. It is located at http://forum.x-cart.com/forumdisplay.php?f=47 and accessible by persons listed by Balinor in this thread. Access to the "X-Cart mod developers" forum can be granted to other X-Cart mod&skin developers if they have a web-site where they promote their own solutions (mods&skins) for X-Cart and have solid history here on X-Cart users forum.

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